Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grilling again...sort of

So many of you will know that I have been without a grill (or at least a working one) for several years now. Because we don't eat meat, it has not been that much of a set back. I have also relied on cast iron grill pans, which work wonders. But in my obsession to make great pizza, I decided that grilling or at least some crazy combination of grilling and stones would due the trick.

Spring is here and the farmers market has opened again. Last week, I picked up some great asparagus and great looking mushrooms. I topped these with a simple dressing of Italian seasoning, salt and pepper and balsamic and EVOO.

I figured I would go all the way and use real charcoal... the only issue was I didn't heat up enough charcoal to cook my pizza, live and learn.

I just simply grilled the veggies.

And topped it with Parmesan.

Luckily I had a hot oven, and was able to make the pizzas in the oven. Here is a caramelized onion with hots.

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