Friday, September 24, 2010

Quicker Pies??

Kenji* over at Slice recently posted on a simple way to make a Neapolitan-esque pie without a wood oven. Basically you make the pizza in a preheated pan, toss it under the broiler then finish it on the stove. Its a great technique that does require any special equipment and can be done almost at the last minute (rather than waiting the hour it normally takes to warm the oven).

I gave it a go last night with mixed success. I think in the end the pan wasn't close enough to the burner so I didn't get enough char, and the pan may not have been hot enough to begin with so that it took too long to finish (especially dealing with two hunger kids).

I think I will try again, but move the pan closer, seen below, by removing the stone and moving the rack up or by placing some of the bricks on the stone to raise the height of the pan.

Here was the pie from last night. Good, with potential, but a little under done. Have no fear, there will be more to come.

*Kenji is awesome! He must have done much better in Chemistry than I, because he has a great ability to see the problem, work through the trial (usually means making about 100 pizzas) and coming to a great solution, all while taking great notes and pictures. All things I sucked at in high school chemistry. He was even gracious to share a judging form that I have used. Keep it up!!

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