Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I think I'm almost there...

...but my fear is that it is an asymptotic limit (for those that forgot their coordinate is a limit that you can get closer and closer, but never get to).

I have been experimenting with the broiler method of cooking pizza in the oven. The super high heat cooks the top of the pie quicker than the bottom, more like a wood burning oven. And the results are super tasty, a light airy cornicone (outer crust) with a touch of char (burntness).

Here is a grilled eggplant with roasted tomato pie.

And a roasted garlic with hots.

The challenge is that my broiler cycle is too short. By the time I finished the second pie the oven had dropped from 550 deg to around 375. I guess I have to make a few more to practice or finally finish my grill turned pizza oven...


  1. How much time elapsed between cooking your two pies?

    I usually preheat the oven and stone at max temp (550) for 1.5-2 hrs, then pre-cook the pizza with just sauce for a few minutes at 450. Remove from oven, dress rest of pie, crank the broiler on (which should have a longer cycle since the temp has dropped) and finish cooking for a few more minutes. Makes for a nice, evenly-cooked pie.

    What kind of stone are you using? I'd love to see some shots of the undercrust! Looking great!

    The Pizza Commander

  2. James, nice looking pies!

    The ideal set-up is actually to have the top and bottom of the pizza cooked as close to the same time as possible.

    When you say "broiler cycle", I am assuming you have an electric-coiled broiler in your oven? Does the broiler actually shut off automatically after a certain time period? If so, how long does it take before the broiler turns back on?

    How is the heat on the bottom....are you able to get char spotting on the bottom as well?

    Thanks and (again), nice looking pizzas. --K

  3. @P.C. not that long between pies... with two kids sometimes things get a bit rushed :)

    I will make sure to get some crust shots next time.

    The first came out great the second slightly underdone...but within the margins.

    @pizzablogger its actually gas which is great but it does just shut off. I dont know exactly (i should probably time it) though it does seem to stop just as the pies would be finishing.

    I have been leaving the door closed which may be causing the over to "over-heat" and shut it self off.

    Thanks for the input and it definitely has me thinking...