Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Squash Pie

OK, so its a pizza pie...Its been a couple days so time for a few more pizzas. I wanted to experiment with some new toppings, I'm generally not one for crazy stuff on my pizza (don't ever give me pineapple), but sometimes with a subtle hand new flavors can do well... remember that pizza is just bread with stuff on it.

We picked up a butternut squash at the market this weekend and had some leftover blue cheese, what a great combo.

Slice a couple of pieces of the squash and roast in the oven with a drizzle of oil, salt and pepper and a touch of thyme. Cook in a 400 deg oven about 45 minutes, unit cooked and nicely browned.

Mash the squash up with a touch of oil, I used garlic oil, and season with salt and pepper and more thyme to taste.

Spread this on the dough and top with a sprinkle of blue cheese and Parmigiana.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I've been experimenting with the broiler method to varying success. I wanted to find out why the broiler was acting the way it was, that is turning off after only a short time. In my case not long enough to finish the top of my pies.

I did a few experiments, but the oven was cold. With the oven hot (550 deg for an hour) the broil cycles on and off, which led me to call GE, turns out they want it that way. Bummer for me... I guess I have to finish my grill-turned-pizza-oven project.

As you can see the top is nice, but the bottom need a touch more time, with the crazy broiler I need to maybe cook it more first then finish it under the broiler, which goes against everything I know.

The second pie was a slice tomato and basil. The basil was chopped and had been used as a dip for bread...like a thin pesto with chunky basil

As you can see from the crust, I am getting the cornicone to form great bubbles, with a great structure, I just need to get the bottom a touch more done. I guess its more practice. Good thing I will be making pizza for 20 this weekend.

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