Thursday, June 3, 2010

Asparagus and Spinach Soup

This was another quick spring vegetable soup. The asparagus and spinach add a nice creamy texture with out a lot of added fat.

Asparagus and Spinach Soup
1 small onion or spring onion, diced
2 - 3 cloves garlic
1 bunch asparagus, diced and tips reserved
4 cups water or stock
1 bunch spinach
salt and pepper

Saute the onion in oil with a touch of salt.

Add the garlic and the chopped asparagus (except the tips). Cook for a few minutes until softened.

Add the stock and cook until the asparagus is cooked through.

Add the spinach and cooked through.

Puree the soup until smooth.

To cook the tips, boil in salted water for a minute or two, until warm but still crunchy.

To serve, top the soup with the tips and a generous amount of Parm.

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