Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Grilled quesadilla and chili-lime corn

Corn is one of my favorite vegetables, and I especially like it grilled. This is a simple preparation that gives a great charred flavor. Any leftover corn can be added to soups and is a great addition to salads.

Drizzle the corn with a touch of oil and season with salt and pepper.

As it was raining, I turned to my trust cast iron grill. Cook the corn for about 20 minutes on a hot grill, turning every few minutes to evenly char with out over burning.

To finish the corn, I made a simple chili-lime butter. Soften butter and add a squeeze of fresh lime, salt and a dash of hot pepper to taste. Spread this on the hot corn.

I love the taste and texture of grilled quesadillas. Once you have a hot grill, it is no more work then cooking in a pan and adds a great flavor.

To fill, mix cheese (I used cheddar) with scallions, cilantro, salt, pepper, cumin and chili powder.

To jazz these up, mix chili powder with a touch of oil and brush on the outside of the quesadillas before grilling. This not only helps to prevent sticking, but the chilis when cooked pop and give a great pink-red color to the outside, not to mention they taste great.

Grill a couple minutes a side, turning to prevent over cooking, though some charring is ideal.

Serve with the corn and some rice and beans and guacamole and you have a great simple meal

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