Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Left over this left over that

I am a fan of left overs. They make for a quick dinner, when there is not time to make something elaborate. I like to tweak them though, rather than serve the same thing over again, change a flavor, add cheese, or my favorite turn into soup. I pick this up while in Spain. We would make rice dishes (paella being one of them) then the next day turn the left over rice into soup.

A couple nights ago I was looking for something to make and saw we had some left over French onion soup and a jar of tomatoes. Perfect!


Puree the tomatoes and cook with a little garlic, then add the French onion soup. Heat through.


Then add a can of beans. I have been making large batches of beans and freezing them in containers. This is way cheaper than cans, and likely has way less salt too.


Finish with some greens, I had kale. Then top with Parm.


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