Monday, March 14, 2011

Sandwiches for Dinner...

Ever since getting my panini machine last year it has been a regular tool in my arsenal. It makes for quick and easy grilled cheeses. Turn it on and 5 minutes later (while you prepare the filling) its ready to go. Pop in the sandwich and by the time the fries come out of the oven and the drinks are on the table the sandwiches are hot and ready.

Tonight featured some great mushrooms from River Valley. I first cooked them using the panini machine with a touch of oil and salt and pepper. Its great because it cooks from both the top and bottom.

Then sliced them up and topped with arugula, avocado and onions. A dash of Bar-B-Que and a couple slices of mozzarella. One great trick is to lay out all the sandwiches at once. That way its quick work to pile them up and toss in the panini grill.


A few minutes later, add some sweet potato fries and its dinner.


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