Friday, June 24, 2011

More Kohlrabi

I have been really enjoying kohlrabi lately. It has a great crunch, perfect for salads, a fairly mild flavor, but with a hint of radish, it pairs well with most dressings, and is easy to handle.

Last night I made a quick mustard dressing. My son is a huge mustard fan, right now we have nine different ones (yes, I counted).

It is always a great way to convince him to try stuff, just make a mustard dressing and we are good.

This dressing used some fresh thyme and oregano, but almost any herbs will do. Add some garlic and mustard and finish with oil and vinegar (about 3:1). Season with salt and pepper and you are good to go.


I went for matchstick this time. Tossed with some dressing, added some toasted nuts and a little Parmigiana.


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