Monday, July 18, 2011

30 recipes 3 Ingredients

So for my latest cooking adventure I plan to make 30 dishes that each only consist of three ingredients. I have often said how easy cooking can be and I hope to share some of the easiest recipes that I can create.

Before I dive into the first recipe I wanted to set some self prescribed rules (it's my idea so I can make the rules too).
I will sometimes uses sauces that may in themselves use more than one ingredient, this first recipe is one, but will could the sauce as a single item. I will not count salt and pepper and sometimes oil and vinegar, otherwise most dishes will be dry and tasteless. Most recipes will have rough measurements, as it is about the combination, feel free to tweak them to your taste. I will also included additions to take the recipe up a notch, but those will be secondary to the three ingredient recipe. I hope you try and enjoy these.

Here goes with the first:

Kohlrabi * Mustard * Pesto
julienne kohlrabi
mix Dijon mustard and pesto about 1:1, thin with oil if desired. Season with salt and pepper.


This can be topped with nuts to add an extra crunch, try toasted pine nuts.

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