Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cooking Lessons

So every once in a while things don't work out as planned. Not everything I make is always great, but its every once in a while that I need to start over. There are several lessons from last nights dinner.

We were making Indian food, Chana Masala to be specific. This is one of our families favorite dishes. I have made it several times at home and found a recipe that I liked, but had packed it away (we are moving the end of next month) so needed to find another. I found one that sounded good and began to make it.

With this recipe you puree tomato with a bunch of other ingredients. I did this then added some spices. It was at this point that it start to taste funny. Something wasn't right, and try as I might I could not get it to taste good. The first lesson:

1. Constantly taste your food.

By stopping at this point and stating over, I saved the key ingredient to the dish, chick peas, of which I had only one can. Tasting as you go you avoid getting too far along and not being able to adjust the food. I was able to find a new recipe and start over before it was too late. Which brings me to lesson two:

2. Its never to late to start over.

Its only food and every once in a while you have to just chuck it and start over. That is the price of cooking at home. Which leads me to the last lesson.

3. If it doesn't taste good, don't serve (or eat) it.

This I learned from working in restaurants. It's better to start over and get it right, then serve something that is bad.

After starting over, I found a great recipe and we had a great meal.

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