Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A couple of quick summer options

It seems to happen more in the summer, but every so often we get to dinner time with no real plan. The bounty of summer produce throws me off, I guess. This happened last night.

We had some string beans from Irv and Shelley's...

I quickly blanched them, then sauteed them in brown butter (more on this tomorrow) and threw in some pine nuts.

After eating this, we had no real plan. With our new herb plants on the deck, it was easy to make this pasta with brown butter and sage.

Cook the pasta and drain, reserving about a half cup of liquid. Toss with a touch of oil.
Brown butter and toss in fresh sage.

Add the pasta and coat with the butter and sage. If it is dry add some of the reserved stock.
Top with Parm.

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