Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bad Food

My son (he's 3) asked the other night what was bad food. After some thought I came to a three part definition.

1. Bad (good )Food: This is food that if prepared correct would actually taste good. Maybe it was made with bad ingredients. Maybe under or over cooked. This is food that has not yet reached its full potential. Think the pizza place that needs to cook its pizza longer, or the pasta that has a bit too much salt.

2. Bad (for your) Food: Chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate. Though I could live on chocolate (and pizza) this would make me really fat and unhealthy. This is food that tastes good, made well but should only be consumed in moderation. Frost Gelato comes to mind. Donuts at Hot Chocolate. We all know this stuff.

3. Bad (is this really) Food: This is any thing that has ingredients that are polysyllabic. Think Kraft or Unilever or Coke or Pepsi. This is the food-like stuff found in most of the grocery stores center section. Hey, if you can't pronounce the food, do you really think you should eat it?

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