Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Buffalo Shrimp

Both my wife and I love this simple recipe for a spicy dinner, even our son (yes he's 3) loves this too.

salt and pepper
oil fir frying (peanut or canola)
hot sauce

Clean the shrimp.
Pat dry and coat with flour, seasoned with salt and pepper.

Heat the oil until hot and fry the shrimp until golden, about 3 minutes per side.

Pour in hot sauce. I use Frank's.

Heat the shrimp until warm and cooked through.

Serve with cut veggies, such as celery, carrots or peppers and ranch dip.

To make the dip, I used Greek yogurt. I like the flavor better than sour cream and we have it in the refrigerator.

Mix the yogurt (or sour cream) with Italian herbs, salt and pepper, and garlic.

We also had a simple salad.

Start by crushing a clove of garlic with salt and pepper in a morter and pestle.

Add some Italian seasoning, and vinegar. Then drizzle in EVOO.

I used mixed greens, with cucumber, some of the peppers from Bari and about 1/2 a can of white beans.

To finish the meal, we had more strawberries. I topped them with a little powdered sugar and a little drizzle of chocolate sauce and caramel sauce.

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