Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Among my many food collections (i.e. spices, oils, rices) salt is the one of the most important and most used.

I have a set of salts that vary in taste and texture; from course grains to fine, from plain to seasoned. Each has its place. Too often I find people afraid of salt in cooking, holding back and not putting enough in.

Salt will totally change a dish from "ok" to "WOW." It doesn't take much but that little change makes a world of difference.

Be generous with your salt. When boiling veggies or pasta add more salt than you think, it will make them taste better. Try different salts and see which ones taste the best to you. (Never use that iodize stuff.)

Kosher is the go-to salt used in many restaurants, as I do at home. It has a great flavor and texture. But for baking I use a finer grained sea salt.

To top dishes, I often use a course sea salt that adds a little crunch.

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