Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Q & A: Grilled Pizza

So I was asked about how to grill pizza. It is quite easy, actually. The biggest issue is that it cooks quickly and you have to be prepared before you start.

Make sure to have all you toppings ready and near by when you start. Also, have a brush with some oil to brush on the pizza to help prevent sticking.

Roll out the dough and brush the top with a little oil. Make sure the grill is hot, keep the lid on as this will help to create a hot environment to melt the cheese.

Flip the pizza onto the grill. DO NOT TOUCH IT. The dough will take a minute to crisp on the bottom, if you try to move it before that, it will stick to the grill and tear. Brush the top with oil.

Once the bottom is nicely charred and cooked, flip it over and IMMEDIATELY put the toppings on and close the lid.

If after a couple of minute the cheese is not melted but the bottom is done, you can cook for a minute under the broiler to finish melting the cheese.

Grilled pizza was essentially invented by George Germon of Al Forno, in Providence, RI, as he was trying to replicate the pizza he had enjoyed while living in Rome. If you go to the restaurant, which I highly recommended, order the cookies...its worth it.

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  1. All this stuff about pizza is all well and good, but let's down to the really important things....