Thursday, April 23, 2009

Zucchini and Chocolate

Yeah it sounds weird, but Clotilde has made a career out of it.

I have a couple of zucchinis and neither of us really like cooked zucchini, so what better way to eat them than with chocolate.

I basically followed this recipe.

It follows the same basic structure of most cakes, and that is what I will hope to focus on. Cakes are surprisingly easy to make from scratch. There is really no reason to buy the boxed stuff. The ingredients are things that should be in any kitchen (in this case the only non-staple is the zucchini.) In general, cakes are butter, flour, sugar and eggs, maybe with some chocolate or vanilla.

Start by measuring and sifting the dry ingredients together. This will usually be flour with some leavening and salt.
Though the sifting is likely unnecessary, it helps to mix up the dry ingredients so there aren't clumps of baking powder.

In a mixer, cream butter.

Then add sugar, and cream until smooth.

Then add the eggs, one at a time and then vanilla.

Then add part of the dry ingredients. Then the zucchini then the rest of the flour. This order is (dry, wet, dry) helps to prevent over mixing. Make sure to stop once the dough comes together, but no more.

To shred the zucchini, I used a food processor. Why grate your knuckles?

This cake calls to be baked in a spring form. In general, buttering the pan will help it release. Also lining the bottom with parchment helps. As the oven is pre-heating put a pat of butter in the pan, and place in over for a couple minutes until it is soft. Then using a pastry brush, spread it around the bottom and sides, line with parchment, then brush again with the buttered brush.

Top with powdered sugar...

And yes, no one can taste the zucchini.

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