Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pizza Night in Chicago

After last weeks disappointing results, I had to give it another try. This week I went back to the No-Knead recipe, using half Caputo and half bread flour.

It was great, though I still think it could use more salt.
Once again I made four flavors, red, white with hots, caramelized onions and potato rosemary.

To prepare the potatoes, slice them thinly. This is best done with a mandoline, but can be done with a very sharp knife.

Rinse them in cold water, then pat dry. Coat with a touch of oil, salt and pepper.

While the oven is heating for the pizza, I par-cooked them a few minutes on a side, until they are soft but not browned.

Let them cool before assembling the pizza. Brush the dough with a little EVOO, then lay the slices on the dough, sprinkle generously with rosemary and Parm and season with salt and pepper.

Here is the finished pizza.

The white with hots in the foreground and red in the back.

Finally the caramelized onion.

This is definitely better than last week, but still not perfect. Oh well, I guess I'll have to try again.

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