Monday, April 27, 2009

Caramelized Onions

Caramelized onions are great to add to salads or sandwiches. They are also the base of French Onion Soup. I also use them on pizza (which i did tonight).

The trick is really to take your time. If you rush the onions will cook too quickly, the goal is to have the sugars in the onion caramelize, turning golden brown, giving a sweet taste.

Slice the onions thinly.

Add a small pat of butter and olive oil to a pan. Cook over low to medium and add the onions, turn to coat. Sprinkle with salt.

Cook over low to medium heat for about 40 mins to an hour (or more) depending on how many onions, stirring occasionally.

If they begin to stick, add a little water to help scrap any sticky pieces from the pan.

Cook until golden brown.

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